Daytrips and event
Got recreation-related questions? We’ll be glad to assist!

Want to experience something in addition to just resting and relaxing? The region offers many recreation options, which are only a few minutes’ drive away. We will also gladly give you event tips – because, whether it be wine festivals, concerts, cultural highlights or fun fairs, there’s always something to experience and discover in the Eifel and Moselle regions.

Here is a short list of worthwhile daytrips:

  • Lutzerath with its varied and well signposted 65-km hiking trails www.lutzerath.de
  • Bad Bertrich with its hot springs www.bad-bertrich.de
  • Ulmen, the headquarters of the association of municipalities www.ulmen.de at the heart of the “Gesundland Vulkaneifel” www.ulmen.de with its maar and Jungferweiher pond, a bird sanctuary and hiking paradise
  • Eifel maars around Ulmen and Daun, with their unique natural charm
  • The Moselle town of Cochem, with the Reichsburg and several cruises www.cochem.de
  • Beilstein, the Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle www.beilstein-mosel.de
  • Bremm, with Europe’s steepest vineyard, the Calmont www.bremm-mosel.de
  • Ediger-Eller golf resort www.golfcochem.eu
  • Amusement park and zoo Klotten accessible either by chairlift from Cochem, or directly by car www.freizeitpark-klotten.de
  • Nürburgring with a wide range of activities www.nuerburgring.de
  • Koblenz, the city on the Rhine and Moselle, take the cable car over the Deutsches Eck (“German Corner”) to the venue of the 2011 National Garden www.koblenz.de
  • Trier, Germany’s oldest city, with the “Porta Nigra” landmark and the beautiful cathedral www.trier.de

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